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All you have to do is send the requested information correctly.After recieving your full information, we will process it and contact you with details.Your full health journey begins in accordance with the agreed conditions.

Treatment Process

Firstly, we request the latest medical report from the patient.

The Plan of medical treatment is decided after detailed consultation with our Doctors.We share the treatment plan gathered from different health institutions with our patient. The patient decides the most appropriate treatment program in terms of both technological infrastructure and transportation.only then, travel arrangements will take place.

Arrival to Turkey & Accommodation

Once the patient has decided on the treatment plan Rumi Pulse will arrange transportation and accomodation requirements.

İf and when hotel accomodation is required for patients arriving individually or with someone, Rumi Pulse will make sure to ease this process by choosing the best hotel location and best servis.

During this period, Rumi Pulse will arrange for a translator to accompany the patient in additon to a local mobile phone to deliver their needs and be reachable at all times.

Departure from Turkey

After the treatment plan is completed, and if the patient wishes, a touristic plan will be organized along with a travel guide to enjoy the available sight seeing activities and visit the touristic and historical places of that particular city.Patients can experience local food options and explore the city. 

To enure highest level of comfort and guarantee best patient experience a personal guide and a translator will be with the patients as needed.

Post Treatment

To ensure a speedy recovery and to minimise any complications after going back home, detailed information will be given to the patient at no extra cost.

We offer you high-level health services with premium understanding of your needs and requirements by collaborating with best medical physicians and medical centers to ensure best quality services.