Metabolic Surgery (Diabetes Surgery)

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Metabolic Surgery (Diabetes Surgery)
Metabolic Surgery (Diabetes Surgery)

Diabetes is one of the diseases that cause death. Heart attack, stroke, kidney failure is very common in diabetic patients.

Scientific studies have shown that this expected risk of death in patients undergoing diabetes surgery is significantly reduced.

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Diabetes is one of the diseases that cause death. Heart attack, stroke, kidney failure is very common in diabetic patients. Scientific studies have shown that this expected risk of death in patients undergoing diabetes surgery is significantly reduced.
The following decisions were taken on Type 2 Diabetes Treatments by endocrinologists, diabetes specialists and bariatric surgeons at the 2nd World Congress in New York City, USA, in 2011, and it has been accepted worldwide;

Diabetes surgery is a very powerful option in the treatment of obese and diabetic patients.

Surgery is an appropriate treatment for obese and Type 2 diabetes patients who cannot be controlled by drug therapy.

Surgery may be performed on diabetic patients with a body mass index above 35.

Patients with severe cardiovascular risk, difficulties in diabetes treatment and control, and body mass indexes between 30 and 35 may be eligible for the surgery.

When performed by experienced surgeons, the risk of death and complications from surgery equates to the risks of gallbladder surgery.

The aim of diabetes surgery is to eliminate the insulin resistance in the body. The hormones are thereby increased. The treatment for Type 1 Diabetes is insulin. In type 2 Diabetes, a change in the lifestyle, diet, medication, and if organ damage has started afterward, it is necessary to turn to surgical surgery.

Diabetes surgery is performed in patients with Type 2 diabetes, obese patients and people with higher blood glucose levels, when blood glucose level cannot be maintained within the limits despite the medication and insulin used. Diabetes surgery is performed laparoscopically. Half of the stomach is removed, the location of the small intestines is changed. A stimulus for insulin secretion comes from the pancreas and the efficiency increases with the surgery. Type 2 Diabetes is thereby cured completely. People get rid of obesity after this surgery. The advantage of this surgery is not being as painful as open surgery, lack of lung problems, shorter period to return to normal life, and absence of scars.

May People with Type 1 Diabetes Have Diabetes Surgery?

People with type 1 diabetes have no insulin in their body. Therefore, this surgery cannot be performed in these patients. Since the aim is to use the existing insulin correctly and adequately, it is important to activate the pancreas in type 2 diabetes patients. This is possible with the surgery.

After a good evaluation of the progression of the disease and damage to the organs, the process for decision-making in the surgery is activated. All tests and blood analyses should have been done. Because, every surgical procedure has some risks. When conventional methods fail to achieve success and organ losses are in question, surgical operation may be the only solution. Unless they pay attention to their diet and lifestyle, the patients with type 2 diabetes go through difficult periods in their lives. Although this is in the drug treatment, the disease does not enter the healing process. Surgical procedures become inevitable in such cases.

Metabolic Surgery 

The procedure known as diabetes surgery is a procedure performed in Type 2 diabetes which appears due to the deterioration of the eating habits and quality of life of the patient. . The amount of eating is reduced and the hormones become much more active after the surgical procedure, and the problem of diabetes and obesity is resolved. Since the stomach is reduced in diabetes surgery, weight loss is accelerated after the surgery. Insulin should exist in the body for metabolic surgical procedures; otherwise, such procedures are useless.

Experiences after Diabetes Surgery

Frequent hunger episodes will not be in question after the diabetes surgery. The individual will experience the situation of not eating due to lack of appetite. These are temporary, and the patient will feel much better when the body adopts this new situation. Much water intake is important after the diabetes surgery. The body needs water. Since avoiding both food and water would cause exhaustion, water consumption is important.  Since the eating habits are under the control of the doctor 6 months after the operation, any little deficit would cause reappearance of diabetes. Therefore, diabetes surgery is a unique gift for a diabetic person.


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